The Promise Haggadah Fundraiser

Personalized Haggadah example Personalized Haggadah example

The Promise Haggadah is a very approachable book for both children and adults.  It is complete, yet concise.


It is an easy fundraiser for you.  All you have to do is Register, Promote & Refer…


1. Register your organization here

2. Promote Haggadah sales to your members

3. Your members can order through this website and credit your organization!


How does it work?

• Haggadahs are purchased for $11.50/each

• Haggadahs ordered through our website ship directly to each purchaser

• 20% of all Haggadah sales are donated directly back to your organization


How do you get credit?

• Customers must select an organization as part of the checkout process.

• Finding your is easy!  The organizations are in alphabetical order by state and city

Organization selection Customers credit your organization as part of the checkout process

See your fundraising progress in real time!

Organizations, log into your account and see a summary of orders credited to you as they happen!  You can see order totals, and the portion credited to you.


Your organization gets 20% of the book sales, but not a percentage of applicable sales tax or shipping fees.

See your fundraising progress in real time! See your fundraising progress in real time!


We help you!

• We provide you with marketing and promotional information and artwork

• No financial risk or administrative burden


Who else has done it?

• Over 1,000 organizations have participated over the past 10 years!

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