Facebook News Feed Change: Goodbye, Publishers


Facebook News Feed Change: Goodbye, Publishers

Facebook will soon alter the way its ranks stories in the News Feed. The social network will give preference to updates from friends and family over brands.

how to use news feed settings facebook / facebook news feed settings

how to use news feed settings facebook / facebook news feed settings

दोस्तों is video ke andar aapko bataya gaya hai ki Facebook mein news feed setting kaise use karte he video pura dekh Lijiye aap ko pata chal jaega.


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Share your update to news feed in Facebook।। how to use share your update to news feed in Facebook

is video me bataya gaya hai friends ki Facebook me share your update to news feed ka open kya ha ini or iska use kaise kiya jata hai

How to change your Facebook newsfeed settings 2018

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How to change your Facebook newsfeed settings

Hi Paul here from PRwilson Media. Now our Facebook news feed. Where we get all the updates from friends, from pages we are following. We spend a lot of time there so it makes sense to get it set up so that you get the information you really want to see. So that’s the Facebook newsfeed preferences. And I’ll show you how to set those in this video. Here we go.

So Facebook have made it really straightforward. You log in as your user profile and then you click here and you select newsfeed preferences. And you’ve basically got these 4 main categories plus some other options. First one to look at is prioritize who to see first. You can choose who’s posts you don’t want to miss then you’ll get them at the very top of your newsfeed. So everytime they post you’ll essentially see something from particular people. So I’m going to choose a few here.

Those ones with the stars are the ones that I’ve got prioritized currently. Just click and you can prioritize any additional ones. And then when you are ready just click done. Second one, unfollow people to hide their posts.

So you don’t want to unfriend people necesarily but it’s an easy option to just say unfollow. They don’t know that you are not seeing any posts from them , so nobody gets upset and you get the information you want to see. So you can go through people you are definitely following currently and I’ll select a couple there.

And that’s even my own group that I run I can unfollow as well. So the next one – reconnect with people you unfollowed. So you give them another chance. If you haven’t heard from them in a while if you want to get back in touch you can reconnect with some people.

And you’ll see in a couple of other videos you can snooze people’s updates for a few days. There’s all sorts of flexible options here – let’s just select a couple of other people and then click done.

And finally discover pages that match your interest. Based on the kinds of topics that you have liked already it will suggest some other pages that might be of interest .

So if I do stuff locally with businesses in Lincoln that might be one to look at .It also shows what other friends like , which could be good clues.

Those are the four basic options. And the final one is see more options – so I need to scroll down a little more. In this case it’s just a couple of apps that people have suggested that I’ve hidden so I don’t see updates from people about these particular topics.

IF I want to change that I could say show. But I don’t so that’s it. Those are your news feed prefrerences Do take the time to have a look through make sure you are getting te best vvalue out of your Facebook experience.

So that’s it from me, I’m Paul from PRwilson Media your social media personal trainer. Cheers.

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