Firefox Total Cookie Protection Blocks Creepy Ad Trackers


Firefox Total Cookie Protection Blocks Creepy Ad Trackers

Firefox Total Cookie Protection blocks all cookies from tracking users across the Internet, while preserving website functionality and a good user experience

I Don’t Block HTTP Cookies!

This will be a fascinating piece of information to many of you. Privacy oriented people will often spend a lot of time and effort blocking cookies using various means. I know this because of all the comments left on my videos extolling the various techniques used to disable cookies in some way.

In this video, I will explain why I do not block cookies at all. It is important to understand the whole Advertising Technology (Ad Tech) approaches in general so you know how to deal with it and perhaps many of you are being led down the wrong path of privacy action because the threat is not fully understood.

This is a very detailed analysis of cookies and Ad Tech approaches and supplied with defensive measures. At the end, there’s a reveal of the real threat that this technology enables and it’s not that obvious.

I’m the Internet Privacy Guy. I’m a public interest technologist. I’m here to educate. You are losing your Internet privacy and Internet security every day if you don’t fight for it. Your data is collected with endless permanent data mining. Learn about a TOR router, a VPN , antivirus, spyware, firewalls, IP address, wifi triangulation, data privacy regulation, backups and tech tools, and evading mass surveillance from NSA, CIA, FBI. Learn how to be anonymous on the Internet so you are not profiled. Learn to speak freely with pseudo anonymity. Learn more about the dangers of the inernet and the dangers of social media, dangers of email.

I like alternative communication technology like Amateur Radio and data communications using Analog. I’m a licensed HAM operator.

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Firefox Unveils Total Cookie Protection For All

3rd party cookies aren’t going away and the alternatives are so much worse but Mozilla Firefox has a interesting solution

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Updating Firefox until Youtube works

@firefox , you should be proud of your long history. I decided to celebrate it by updating @firefox until I can watch Youtube.

50 likes and I’ll do it with @GoogleChrome (PLEASE NO)
100 likes and I’ll do it but I include EVERY version instead of skipping by 10 every time.

0:00 Intro
0:05 Firefox 20.0 Install
0:33 Firefox 20??
1:36 Forgetting to test
2:11 Firefox 20.
2:40 Australis!
2:46 Firefox 30
3:00 Chrashed!
3:25 Firefox 40
4:35 WOOOO
5:10 Urghregrhtrhg
5:25 Firefox 50

Firefox Tuning on by default new Total Cookie protection privacy feature

Interesting new feature in Firefox to prevent cross tracking in websites