LinkedIn Report: The Most In-Demand Marketing Jobs In 2022


LinkedIn Report: The Most In-Demand Marketing Jobs In 2022

A new report from LinkedIn reveals the most in-demand marketing skills and sought-after professional positions.

Digital Marketing Jobs [Top High-Paying In Demand Industries – Video: 7 of 8] #GetHiredToday

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Live with Marketers: 2022 Marketing Jobs Outlook

The Great Reshuffle is here. Hundreds of thousands of marketers left their jobs in 2021 in search of more flexibility and a sense of purpose. In this episode of Live with Marketers, we’re talking about LinkedIn’s new report on the changing marketing landscape.

Join us for the conversation to learn:
* Where marketers are going
* What the Great Reshuffle looks like in different regions across the globe
* Why women are leading the Great Reshuffle
* How employers can keep–or attract–marketers

The most in-demand skills in the job market

In today’s job market, having the right skills can make all the difference in landing your dream job. In this video, we’ll discuss the most in-demand skills that employers are looking for in 2023 and beyond. From technical skills like coding, data analysis, and digital marketing to soft skills like communication, leadership, and problem-solving, we’ll cover it all.

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